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Clementine dust

To make the clementine dust
Wash then peel approx 6 small organic clementines (they need to have very thin skin so don’t use satsumas as the skin is too thick)
Place the skin or peel somewhere it can dry out – the back of a range, above a stove, on a radiator.
Once it is very dry and brittle – this could take a couple of days depending where you are drying the peel. You can also place on a tray in the oven on the lowest setting until brittle and dry or dehydrate if you have a dehydrator.
Then place the peel into a powerful food processor or a coffee grinder and grind up till very finely chopped.

Store in a glass jar. You can also do this with organic oranges if you peel them with a potato peeler to leave behind most of the pith. A little goes a long way as this has a very strong flavour. Use a teaspoon instead of zest in muffins, cookies or cakes or icing and sprinkle on home made chocs 🙂


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