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Traditional scones

Sometimes it is best to leave a recipe as it is. Trying to make a healthy scone is a challenge and to be honest these scones are healthy – the only processed food is the white flour but I have used Doves Farm organic which is the best there is. Perfect for afternoon tea when someone special comes round – they are simple and quick to make.

200g Doves Farm organic white flour
1 small egg, beaten
Approx 100 ml milk
50g softened butter
2 tsp golden caster sugar
1 rounded tsp baking powder
1 rounded tsp baking soda

Place the flour into a medium size bowl. Stir in the sugar, baking powder and baking soda.
Cut the butter up with a knife and add to the flour. Rub in with your finger tips or use a pastry blender which does the same thing without getting messy fingers until it looks like rough breadcrumbs.
Make a well in the centre.
Mix the egg with the milk and pour most of it into the well and mix carefully until you have a soft dough. You might need it all so just leave about a tablespoon to brush onto the top of your scones.
Scones are lighter the less handling they have.
Tip onto your lightly floured surface and lightly knead together.
Shape into a round and lightly press to an inch and a half thick.
Press out scones with a pastry cutter -I used a 2 1/2 inch one and got 5 scones, double the recipe to get more or use a smaller cutter.
Place onto a lightly oiled or floured baking tray. Using your fingers pat some egg/milk mixture on top and lightly sprinkle with sugar.
Bake in a hot oven gas 7 or 250C for 12 to 15 minutes. They should be risen and golden brown.

Best eaten on the day of baking.
Note: If you double the recipe use a large egg mixed with 200ml milk not 2 eggs and add 2 tbsp more milk.

Serve with butter and jam especially delicious with my Plum Vanilla and honey jam see recipe 🙂



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